Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop
Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop
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Industry: Tourism

Founded: 2016

Thermal hot springs flow abundantly throughout the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Soaking in natural mineral water is a time-honored tradition used to enhance wellness. Many people believe that these balneology practices help to prevent illness and treat ailments. One thing is for sure, relaxation is the ultimate goal.


Five premier hot springs destinations in the western part of the state, Chaffee County, Pagosa Springs, Ouray County, Glenwood Springs, and Steamboat Springs have come together to form the Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop. This 720-mile loop showcases some of the most popular hot springs attractions in the country. There is so much variety; from intimate private baths, to the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool. Each of the nineteen facilities offers unique features like vapor caves, hot pots, terraced pools, enormous travertine formations, and fun-filled aquatic centers.